Frequently Asked Questions.

Here's a selection of answers to the most commonly asked questions. If we've answered your question then hit the 'Find a Class' button below. If not, then contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.

What training methods do you use? 

We use reward-based methods. It's our belief that pain and/or fear should never be intentionally used as a training method. 

Where are the training classes held?

Currently we have classes in Brislington, Hengrove and Pensford.

Are your classes online?

No, all of our classes are in-person at the address listed on the course description.

How much do classes cost? 

Our classes cost £97 for a 5 week course.

How many dogs are in each class? 

We are compliant with the current coronavirus recommendations which allow us to have four attendees in each class. This does mean that currently only one family member can attend per dog.

Can I book private one to one coaching? 

For private coaching reach out to us on our contact page

Can you train my dog for me? 

For residential training reach out to us on our contact page