Our Philosophy

We believe every dog deserves an education. Let us explain why...

Behaviour problems are the most common reason that dogs are rehomed. Through training it is possible to teach puppies (and old dogs too!) what we require from them and prevent them from developing serious behaviour issues such as aggression or anxiety. This will increase the number of dogs that live happy and full lives in their homes.

We never stop learning, and nor do our dogs. The majority of the dogs that we keep as pets were bred for generations to complete tasks and work alongside people. In modern times many dogs have become redundant and instead lead boring, unenriched lives.

That's why our classes don't stop after puppyhood. We have created a number of fun and exciting classes consisting of a variety of different tasks, many of which are tailored to the genetics of your own dog. This makes it easy for you to tap into the same relationship building activities which made dogs mans best friend.

About the Founders

Nick Benger

Nick Benger has a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training with the University of Hull and is the host of the Dog Talk with Nick Benger podcast. He is the expert dog trainer for Amazon's 'The Pack' TV show.  

Before co-founding Hound+ he ran the independently best rated dog training business in Bristol for three years in a row.  

Livvy Brewer

Livvy Brewer was also an Expert Dog Trainer on Amazon's 'The Pack'. She has a diploma in Canine Nutrition and has completed Chirag Patel's esteemed 7-day Puppy course.

She is currently working towards her Lvl-5 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour. She's a small dog advocate, 'Instagram Dog Mum' and canine nutrition fanatic.