3 Places Every Lost Dog Visits

We had expert dog tracker Claire Brown from NorthK9 Lost Dog Search team come to visit us earlier in the year. Claire teaches dogs to track missing dogs so they can be reunited with their owners. 

One of the top takeaways from our time with Claire was that there are three places most dogs will visit when they go missing. 

Dog running towards the camera


1) Where they last saw you

If you lost your dog whilst you were on a walk they will often return to where they saw you last. Beware moving too far away from this point at first as they may return here looking for you. 


2) Your car 

If you drove to the spot at which you lost your dog then they are likely to return to the car to find you. I've personally witnessed dogs do this when their owners are walking miles searching for them high and low. 


3) Your home 

Many dogs return home hoping you will be there. There are endless stories of dogs returning home when lost, many even travelling unbelievable distances to do so. 

If you have lost your dog then it's worth spreading your fellow searchers (friends) amongst these three places as they are the places your dog is most likely to re-visit. 


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