4 Week Training Challenge

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Real-Life Training

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Access to Activies
Is your dog self-employed? Let's give them a job you'll both enjoy

Your 4-Week Challenge!

We're looking for Bristol dog owners that are ready to undergo 4 weeks of dog training. In those 4 weeks you will have 8 classes to both improve your dog's behaviour & give them new activities to replace their bad habits!

Only £149 for 8 group sessions in 4 weeks!

Who Are We?

HoundPlus is a Bristol-based dog training business that was voted Best Dog Training Firm in Bristol 2021. We've been featured in The Guardian, The Dodo, The Sun & The Daily Express.

You might even recognise founders Nick & Livvy as the dog trainers from Amazon Prime's 'The Pack' where they taught dogs to play piano... so hopefully training yours won't be too much bother!

What's On?

Scroll through our calendar (right) to see what's on from day to day. During the challenge you will have access to all of our classes.

To master lead walking, recall & general manners we suggest Adult or Semi-Private classes.

To "Give Your Dog a Job" so they're more fulfilled and less likely to look for trouble try Beginner Hoopers, Beginner Scentwork, Mantrailing or Beginner Tricks.

Where are classes held?

Classes at Chapel Farm Rehab, Pensford: Adult Classes, Semi-Private Training, Beginner Hoopers

Classes at Christ Church Hengrove, Petherton Road: Beginner Scentwork, Puppy Classes, Beginner Tricks

Classes at St. Augustines Church, Whitchurch: Semi-Private Training, Scentwork

Classes at Brislington United Reformed Church: Puppy Classes

What Happens When I Sign Up?

After signing up you will automatically receive an email to download our app. From there you can choose and book your classes and get started immediately! If you want to delay your start or you have any questions just email us on info@houndplus.com


My dog isn't friendly with people and/or dogs can I still come?

Unfortunately our group classes are not a good environment for training dogs with these issues.

We instead offer one to one training which can be arranged by emailing us at info@houndplus.com

Can my partner/children also come to class?

Of course! You're welcome to bring anyone you would like along to class with you.

Are the classes in-person?

Yes. We hold classes in Whitchurch, Hengrove, Pensford & in parks around Bristol.